The office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism present a new course called Activ 8.

This course involves 8 practical sessions aimed at people who are between 30-55 years of age so they can help to build the capacity of parishes to share faith.

Course Outcomes:
Learn about how your faith can grow
Become familiar with the call to discipleship
Learn a variety of ways of praying
Reflect on how social media spread Good News
Explore how YOUCAT can help us deepen our faith
Connect with DOCAT and how it can help us make a difference
See how we can optimise the potential of Sunday
Look at how pilgrimage can support us on our journey of faith
Grow in the skill of faith sharing
Learn how to help others to grow in faith

Where: Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.
Dates: 2 October / 6 November / 15 January /12 February / 11 March / 1 April / 6 May/ 10 June.
Time: 7.30 -9.30pm.
Price: €80 (places are limited).

For more information about this course and to register your interest contact: Mary Dent of the Office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism by email: