The marriage preparation process begins with a meeting with the priest where introductions are made and the wedding date can be confirmed. Law requires that you provide at least three months notice of your intention to marry with the Civil Registrar and the priest. It is strongly recommended that you take part in a Pre Marriage programme.  Accord, the Catholic Marriage Centre run several of these during the year.

The Church requires the following documents for the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony to be forward six months in advance of your wedding;

Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form – to be filled in by the priest of the parish in which you live/are domiciled. To complete this you will need the following:
Baptismal Cert (issued by the Church you were baptised)

Confirmation Cert

Letter of Freedom: If you have lived for more than six months outside of the parish you were born. These are normally obtained from the parish in which you lived and simply states that there is no record of you having been married while living in that parish.

The following are the new Civil Requirements for Marriage in Ireland
Make an appointment to meet with any Civil Registrar to give at least three months notice of your intention to marry in advance of your proposed date of marriage
In preparation for the meeting with Registrar meet with your local priest, book the church and know the name of the priest who has agreed to celebrate your marriage.

You will need to following documentation for your meeting with the Registrar:
Photo identity, (preferably a passport or driving licence)
Names and dates of birth of two witnesses
Name of the church where you wish to marry
Date of marriage
Name of priest who has agreed to officiate at your marriage
If either of you has been previously married you must provide the Civil Registrar with an original divorce decree or death certificate if widowed.

Make sure you receive the Marriage Registration Form (MRF) from the Registrar to show it to the priest.

You need to make a verbal declaration of no civil impediment before your priest and your two witnesses not more than two days before your marriage. This usually takes place just as you arrive in the sancturay area on the day of your marriage.

You must return to any Civil Registrar’s office the signed MRF/Form A not later than 1 month after your marriage has been celebrated.  For  more information on all requirements go to



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