Ballyroan Parish Boundary

Our Parish includes the following roads:-

Anne Devlin Avenue

Anne Devlin Drive

Anne Devlin Park

Anne Devlin Road

Ballymace Green

Ballyroan Court

Ballyroan Crescent

Ballyroan Heights

Ballyroan Park

Ballyroan Road

Butterfield Avenue

Butterfield Close

Butterfield Grove

Butterfield Park
(except nos. 1-121A inclusive
which are in Rathfarnham Parish)


Edenbrook Drive

Edenbrook Park



Hillside Park


Knocklyon Drive

Marian Crescent

Marian Drive

Marian Grove

Marian Park

Marian Road

Old Bridge Road

Old Orchard

Orchardstown Avenue

Orchardstown Drive

Orchardstown Park

Orchardstown Villas


Pinewood Park

Silverwood Drive

Silverwood Road

Washington Park

Willowbank Drive

Willowbank Park

Woodbrook Park



To view a map of Ballyroan with parish boundaries marked in click here




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